WordPress and Windows 8 is truly wonderful

So as I’m writing this article I found an awesome tool.  WordPress for Windows 8 is truly something worth writing about.  Not for the app itself but the fact you can work on your article, post it, read other articles and completely edit everything without any 3rd party, dual monitors or cumbersome toolbars.   If you look at the screen captures below you will see as I am writing this article with the familiar tools you use in WordPress, these are available right along the bottom,  everything also looks native so what you see is what you get.

You can also split the screen so making your blog is easier, simply snap the WordPress editor to one side and you can read other blogs, emails, articles and publish it anytime with the click of your mouse or in the case of Windows 8 the tap of a screen.

I was also able to quickly move to other social media info and expand back to full view within seconds without a bump in the road.   If this is why the developers are so excited about the new look and feel I can certainly see why.