Windows Phone 8 – App or not to App?

Windows Phone 8 has some great new features that I keep stumbling upon, sometimes through research and sometimes by accident. When apps reached the 100,000+ mark by Apple, Microsoft, Android and Blackberry, does it really matter who has more? I personally use about 10 on average. All products are for the most part on a level playing field so now it comes down to ease and features. I have chosen Windows Phone 8 because of its built in office apps, Xbox music/games, and social media hub called the “People Hub”, but there are some really cool things you can do that don’t require any third party apps at all.

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to incorporate, right into the OS, search features that work the same if not better. For example, I use Flixster an awesome little app for searching favorite movies currently in theaters. It will show you closest theater in your area, movie trailers and comments by others who have seen the movie. You don’t need to download a thing with Windows Phone, just hit the search button on the bottom right of the Windows symbol, type the movie name in and it will tell you the same thing, closest movie theater, phone number, times, places to eat nearby and how to drive there turn by turn.

This is better and faster than the app because it offers options like where to eat and driving directions that normally would be another click on another app. All under one hood is what I like when using any product and in this case it works great.