How Computer Savvy Are You?

scam alert triangle signSo you think your computer is protected do you? Think you can spot a fake anti-virus program on your pc?

Users that lack awareness of potential threats can put themselves and their employers at risk without realizing it.

This is an excerpt of an article recently released by Microsoft Security. Why not test your SPAM awareness?

One of the most popular deception tactics cybercriminals use today is to trick users into installing fake antivirus software, commonly known as “rogue security software” or “scareware.” This tactic has successfully compromised millions of systems over the years and is one of the reasons we (Microsoft) developed the “Real vs. Rogue” challenge.

The Real vs. Rogue challenge is an interactive quiz that uses images of actual rogue security software to test whether you can tell the difference between legitimate antivirus software and rogue security software. Together with the how-to videos we (Microsoft) have published on rogue security software, viruses, spam, and other threats, this challenge is a great resource for organizations looking to educate their users on the common security pitfalls found on the Internet today.

PS – I scored a perfect 100% 🙂