Internet Explorer 11 Pet Peeve #1

My main pet peeve with Internet Explorer 11, is compatibility.  A large majority of our clients are Windows Small Business Server clients using Remote Web Workplace to remote in to their office workstations.  When IE10 appeared, our clients had to learn that the broken piece of paper icon in the URL browser bar in IE 10 negated you from actually seeing a list of computers you could connect to remotely at your office.  Instead, you received a message that your Remote Desktop Services needed to be upgraded to version 6 which wasn’t true – you simply had to click on the broken piece of paper (Compatibility View) and try logging in again, then voila- you were in!

With IE11, it’s now the Settings (Gear) Icon….UGH!  Same result – you can’t view a list of computers you can log in to remotely back at the office.  The new steps are:

1)  Try logging in at (for example)

2)  Select the Gear icon directly under the “X” icon in IE11

3)  Scroll down to Compatibility View Settings and select it

4)  In the pop-up window, select ADD to add the domain to the Compatibility View Settings.  Leave the two boxes checked as is.  Select Close.

5)  Try logging in at your original remote URL again (in Step 1 above) and you should be good to go.    (You only have to do this once – it won’t trouble you again).

If you have any issues with websites with the HTTPS in the beginning, give this a try before calling Tech Support