Episode 2 2012

In Episode 2, host Robert Duvall of RDC Networks take us to the Burlington Fire Department to meet with Dan Gamsby and Ben Sainsbury of Javelin Technologies in Oakville, Ontario as they film a mock crash scene that utilizes the Jaws of Life to extract a crash victim in this training exercise that will be converted into games-based training for the fire department.

In Part 3 of this Episode, Robert meets with Marguerite Zimmerman of E=MZ2 in Burlington, Ontario. who walks us through games-based learning in the corporate world.

Episode 2 – Part 1 with Ben Sainsbury and Dan Gamsby of Javelin Technologies

Episode 2 – Part 2 – Why 3D

Episode 2 – Part 3 with Marguerite Zimmerman of E=MZ2